$2 Million Ne Plus UltraTwo Channel Speakers

Home theater setup artists and audiophiles are notorious for spending heftily on ideal audio and video peripherals but the Ne Plus Ultra two channel speakers are certainly something that will get them thinking. For one, would you spend $2 million dollars for speakers alone?

Ne Plus Ultra stands for “No More Beyond” and consist of six 7 foot-tall panels with the smallest one on the outside handling the super high frequencies, two with high-frequency/midrange, one with a bank of twenty-four 8″ woofers, and then two with ten 15″ subwoofers each. The included system of power amplifiers crank out a total of 31,000 Watts.

Size along would matter and no one in his right mind would want speakers to occupy a lot of space. But we have seen a lot of weird things happen such as home renovations. But if that were the case, you would agree that any person who would do this has money to spare and is definitely filthy rich!

(Source) Dvice