2 Creedence Clearwater Albums Released on Stereo SACD

Earlier today, Analogue Productions announced that the first two of their Creedence Clearwater Revival SACDs, «Willie and the Poor Boys» and «Cosmo’s Factory» are now available for purchase.

Analogue Productions is a reissue label run by Chad Kassem, the owner of the popular Acoustic Sounds web site. Kassem has licensed and reissued a number of classic jazz albums from the Fantasy/Prestige catalog on SACD and was able to get Fantasy to license to him the rights to reissue some of the Creedence Clearwater Revival albums on SACD as well.

Both Albums Are Stereo SACDs
Despite having a grey Multichannel SACD on their covers and being listed as Multichannel/Stereo SACDs on the Acoustic Sounds web site, these two albums are in fact Hybrid Layer Stereo SACDs as first announced earlier this year. (The correct Stereo SACD markings are found on the back of the SACD jacket, inside the SACD booklet and on the SACD disc itself).

Both albums were mastered by remastering specialists Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray who also worked on the reissue of 7 of the classic Creedence Clearwater Revival albums on vinyl LP earlier this year. These 2 SACDs were originally scheduled for release in August, but were bumped to this month during the large pressing run that Sonopress did of the Rolling Stones Remastered SACD series.

Here’s a bit more information on each of these new SACDs.

Willy and the Poor Boys

Willy and the Poor Boys
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Hybrid Stereo SACD (Analogue Productions CAPP 8397 SA)

Released in November 1969, Willy and the Poor Boys is one of a series of classic albums by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Some of the hits on this album include «Down on the Corner», «Fortunate Son» and «The Midnight Special». According to Acoustic Sounds, Willy And The Poorboys remained on the Billboard charts for 60 weeks, reaching the No. 3 position on the Top 200 Albums chart.

Album Tracks
1. Down On The Corner
2. It Came Out Of The Sky
3. Poorboy Shuffle
4. Feelin’ Blue
5. Fortunate Son
6. Don’t Look Now
7. The Midnight Special
8. Side O’ The Road
9. Effigy

Cosmo’s Factory

Cosmo’s Factory
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Hybrid Stereo SACD (Analogue Productions CAPP 8402 SA)

Cosmo’s Factory was the nickname that Creedence Clearwater drummer Doug «Cosmo» Clifford gave to the group’s rehearsal studio because of all the hits that originated there. The album was released in July 1970 and features 6 hit singles as well as the group’s version of «I Heard It Through the Grapevine.» It became the group’s best selling album, lasting some 69 weeks on the Billboard charts!

Album Tracks
1. Ramble Tamble
2. Before You Accuse Me
3. Travelin’ Band
4. Ooby Dooby
5. Lookin’ Out My Back Door
6. Run Through The Jungle
7. Up Around The Bend
8. My Baby Left Me
9. Who’ll Stop The Rain
10. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
11. Long As I Can See The Light

As noted above, both of these Creedence Clearwater Revival SACDs are now in stock and available for purchase from Acoustic Sounds. They should be available from other retail and web stores that carry SACD discs shortly.

3 More Creedence Clearwater Revival SACDs On The Way
Creedence Clearwater Revival fans will be pleased to hear that Analogue Productions is also readying 3 more Creedence Clearwater Revival albums for SACD release on November 30th. This group of SACDs will consist of the «Creedence Clearwater Revival», «Bayou Country» and «Green River» albums. Again all 3 feature the remastering work of Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray.

According to Hoffman, all three of these early Creedence Clearwater Revival albums turned out very well in SACD. After hearing the SACD test pressings, Hoffman says «Wait until you hear Suzy Q on the SACD!» I’m sure many of us will be waiting for an opportunity to do just that. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s self titled album will feature Suzy Q in Stereo SACD sound