Zediva is a new way of renting movies

March 17, in Content

I suppose that the best description of Zediva is a mash-up of Netflix and Redbox. And you should think of it as a streaming video site that has a catalog of Redbox.

Zediva is different in the sense that it is designed to streams a movie on demand to one player for one viewer. So if you want to watch movies on your own, then you can.

Zediva has been in beta for about a year, but has just been offering new release DVDs the same day they go on sale. Sadly, if you want to get onto this deal, you won’t be able to now. I just visited the official site, and they say that the registration is now temporarily full.

Hopefully, they will get up and running again once this busy bunch of monkeys tries to keep with all their new customers. This is their words, not mine. You should see a DVD rental for $1.99 or 10 for $10.

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