Yamaha PIANO CRAFT featuring Yamaha CRX-E320 CD receiver and NX-E700 Speaker system

August 4, in Audio


Yamaha released its latest PIANO CRAFT Audio system for audio enthusiasts. The system combines Yamaha CRX-E320 CD receiver with NX-E700 Speaker system. The system will hit the stores late August at an expected price of 70,000 Yen. The speaker system incorporated in the latest series is in correspondence with Takshina Rank. It is equipped with front USB terminal which can play back music recorded in USB memory or in the MP3 player. It delivers the playback of MP3/WMA music file. The FM/AM tuner loaded in the product allows pre-set tuning to maximum of 50 bureaus.

Via: Yamaha

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  1. josh Rand April 10, at 3:03 pm

    This mini system is fantastic. almost 3 years and still running like a champ.


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