Yahoo Connected TV on Deck at CES 2011

January 9, in Content

While I was perusing the booths at CES this year, I happen to come across Yahoo. Since I am a Yahoo e-mailer, I decided to check out what they were offering.

The big news is that the company is offering improvements on its connected TV platform. For those unfamiliar with Yahoo Connected TV, it is essentially a way to watch TV with some widgets for social networking, games, and other things that other similar services provide.

I believe that the big difference between Yahoo and other services is that Yahoo is working with broadcasters for their widget content. Apps will be created so viewers can vote for reality TV participants, get more information on TV characters, possibly make e-commerce purchases during a show.

I have some examples of broadcast interactivity after the jump. The service should hit subscribers by the first half of 2011.

* CBS — Viewers of “Hawaii Five-O” could view fun facts about the show and learn more about the actors, characters, and setting by using their remote controls.
* ABC — Viewers of an ABC primetime show could access actor information and view photos and videos during certain scenes right from their TVs while watching the show.
* Showtime — “Showtime Boxing” fans could access detailed fight information including photos and videos, test their knowledge of the boxers, and vote for the boxer they think will win the match.
* HSN — Viewers watching HSN could directly purchase an item highlighted on the live show and take advantage of specials of the day, using their remote controls.
* Ford — TV viewers watching a Lincoln commercial could find local dealers, customize their dream cars, view Lincoln luxury lifestyle videos, and more.
* Mattel — Viewers of a Barbie® TV commercial could take Barbie polls, play Barbie dress-up games, view Barbie documentary videos, and more.


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