Westinghouse Debuts 47-inch W47S2TCD 3D HDTV

June 20, in Uncategorized

3D televisions have been gaining a ton of traction ever since high end movies like Avatar hit the scene. However, up until now many retailers and manufacturers have been charging quite a high price tag for the technology which isn’t too much of a surprise considering it’s largely still in its infancy. Luckily, many different budget conscious manufacturers are coming forth with their own 3DTVs that are sure to give those with a bare wallet a chance at enjoying the fruits of 3D entertainment.

For example, Westinghouse has just recently come forth to show off their W47S2TCD 3DTV which features a 1080p 3D display and a size of, you guessed it, 47-inches. As of now, it’s said that the television will be hitting major retailers like Target, Best Buy and Costco for around $1,119. Unfortunately, ther’es no telling exactly when it will be hitting the streets so you’re going to have to stay tuned.

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