Vizio XVT553SV Television Review-A Beautiful Bankbreaker

November 4, in LCD

Brace yourselves and grab your piggy banks, folks, because today’s television, the Vizio XVT553S, may be a huge drain on your wallet, but it’s a thing of beauty nonetheless.

The Vizio XVT553SV is a fifty five inch 1080p LCD television that offers Vizio TruLED with Smart Dimming for an improved picture quality and some glare reduction purposes as well (not to mention some energy savings), and unusually deep hundred and seventy eight degree viewing agnle, two fifteen watt speakers backed up by SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround, internet connectivity with a wireless connection or Ethernet port for access to a huge volume of content online, Bluetooth remote with slide out QWERTY keypad, five HDMI ports, one component input, one composite input, one RF input, one SPDIF Digital Optical output, one stereo audio output, and three USB ports.

What really struck me about this was the sheer number of ports. Lots and LOTS of ports–I can’t recall the last time I saw five HDMI ports on one television, and I’ve seen a lot of televisions. Plus, there’s even some love here (not as much as I’d like, of course, but still) for the older components as well. The picture looks just about like what you’d expect of 1080p, the sound actually sounds pretty impressive (especially given the combination of multiple SRS systems for backup and a pair of fifteen watt speakers), and the whole thing is actually pretty sweet.

As I said before, though, it’s a bank breaker in no uncertain terms. You’ll shell out fully nineteen hundred bucks for one of these, and that’s quite a bit to shell out. Still though, it’s a pretty impressive system, and the Vizio XVT553SV will put on a very good show.

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