Vizio Unveils 2010 3DTVs

June 23, in 3d

If you were at CES this past January, then you may remember that Vizio announced the upcoming release of their 2010 3DTV sets and they also gave information about prices for the devices back then. However, they showed their first 3D model yesterday and explained that prices for their three TV models, in sizes from 42 to 55 inches are now to be determined.

Furthermore, the company also changed their minds about other decisions they’ve previously made concerning their upcoming 3DTVs. Now 72 inch screen size models won’t be available, August is the current release date, the “XVT Pro” designation for their products was renamed “XVT3D” and the glasses included won’t be using Bluetooth technology but infrared tech instead.

Nonetheless, other specifications of the Vizio 3DTVs which include a local dimming LED backlight in full-array for the 55 and 47 inch while the 42 is edge-lit, a feature set for the QWERTY Bluetooth remote, built-in Wi-Fi and apps platform will remain intact. Currently, it isn’t known whether or not active shutter 3D glasses will be included with the TV sets. But the company did show a 65 inch 3DTV equipped with passive technology, similar to 3D used in movie theaters although no price was given for it yet. Meanwhile, Vizio’s XVT3SV series will be shipped in three different sizes along the 42 inch screen this July and they come with full array and local-dimmed LED backlight as well. Lastly, the company recently showed home theater sound bars, Bluetooth headphones compatible with their Bluetooth-equipped TVs and a wireless router too. More information is expected to come on these later.


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