Vizio M260VA Television Review-Lower End Value

November 25, in LCD

We’ve had a good week so far–and happy Thanksgiving to everybody in our United States readership–so today we’re going to carry on with another low-cost television to fire you up for that bargain hunting romp tomorrow, the Vizio M260VA.

The Vizio M260VA is a twenty six inch 720p LCD television that offers SRS TruSurround and SRS TruSurround HD, ambient light sensing technology, a one hundred seventy eight degree viewing angle, two three watt speakers, two HDMI ports, one component video input, one RF input, one PC input, a headphone jack and a USB port.

Nothing overwhelming, of course–nothing big or expensive here. It’s a 720p, which means the picture will be good but not terrific. Three watt speakers don’t give off a really terrific sound, but you’ll be able to make out the dialogue and you’ll definitely know when something’s blowing up. But there’s a limit here and you’ll reach it a whole lot sooner than if you were using fifteen watt speakers with Dolby decoders.

If you keep your expectations in line, you should be at least reasonably satisfied with this very bargain priced piece. How very bargain priced, you wonder? Try two hundred and nine dollars. Now that puts the whole thing in a different light.

The Vizio M260VA isn’t the best LCD television on the market, but it’ll handle the basics pretty well.

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