Viacom Bans Google TV From Viewing Their Content, Goodbye Comedy Central and MTV

November 22, in Content

Google TV has been received quite well thanks to the search engine giants close partnerships with various hardware manufacturers. If you’re not familiar with Google TV it is a platform designed for HD televisions that allows consumers to do things like search the web, stream online content and much more.

However, Google TV has been running into some problems ever since it hit the market – not on a hardware or software level but instead on a content level. Seeing how the platform includes a web browser with Flash this means you can access websites like Hulu and stream their content – or not. Content providers like Hulu have already blocked Google TV users from streaming their content which has proven to be quite the annoyance to early adopters.

Today, Viacom, another popular content provider, has announced taht they too will be blocking Google TV devices from viewing their content. This means streaming shows from networks like MTV, Nickelodean and Comedy Central are all no longer possible.

When will the madness end? Probably if/when these companies can ink an advertising deal with Google.

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