Vega Masterpiece Turntable

July 7, in Turntables

Vega Masterpiece Turntable

Vega Masterpiece Turntable

The Vega Masterpiece turntable from Althea Musica is a great choice for those serious about audio and aesthetics. The base of the Vega Masterpiece is constructed from a combination of woods while the smartly arranged resonance chambers avoid resonation or vibrations of the material and the transference to the record plate by means of transformation of the energy.

A separate tone arm features a bearing that is laid out on the most minimum tolerance, silent run and long life span. Both speeds – 33.33rpm & 45 rpm – can be fine-adjusted separately. The combination of non-resonant materials, and speed stability delivers a playback system that will astound you with superior dynamics and clarity. The Althea Musica’s Vega Masterpiece turntable retails for EUR 33,330 (approx. $46,730).

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