USA Today Converting iPad App to HTML5 for Google TV Viewing

December 4, in Google TV

Google TV is currently in its infancy which means that some crucial features have yet to be implemented. One such feature is the addition of some sort of app store much like their Android mobile platform has the Android Market. Unfortunately, there is virtually no word on when, if ever, Google plans to add such a market to their Google TV platform.

Luckily, some executives over at USA Today seem to have an idea to bypass these restrictions. According to the popular publication, they are considering converting their iPad application to HTML5 for use with the Google TV’s web browser. If completed successfully, this will essentially give Google TV users the same exact experience as iPad users when viewing the USA Today app. If this catches on, we could see several other companies doing the same with their iOS/Android applications.

No word on when this will drop but if/when it does, we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Seems that the Google TV version of USA Today is already live – check it out here.

via usatoday

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