Uebo Presents The M200 Media Player

July 20, in Media Centre

Recently, a company known as Uebo stepped forward to join the ranks of Roku, Pioneer and other brand names in offering a set box, HD media player. So, Uebo presents to us the new M200 Media Player. With this streaming device, you can expect many of the usual specifications. Most of these features include various media format compatibility from memory cards and thumb drives, ShoutCast internet radio, RSS feeds and UPnP shares from your PC. Content from regular media providers like Hulu, Netflix and CBS is accessible through a PlayOn media server as well.

Furthermore, the M200 features functionality as an external hard drive, a network-attached storage device and a Bittorrent client when you couple it with a 3.5-inch SATA disk. The device also works for with nearly any entertainment system with HDMI connectivity, HD, NTSC and PAL video modes. It even comes with an optional wireless dongle for $30 and the digital audio front is packing optical and coaxial output jacks. Although the M200 doesn’t have flawless performance with image quality, it’s pretty reliable in delivering HD and SD content, according to Engadget. Thus, this media player from Uebo is available for retail at $130.


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