Toshiba Unveils Four Blu-ray Recorders And Upgrade Kit Concept

July 29, in 3d

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news about Toshiba, then you already know about the eight 3D LCD TV sets for the Regza series that they announced yesterday. Now the company is preparing to launch four Blu-ray recorders and an 3D upgrade kit as well. Interestingly enough, all of these new devices will be equipped with extra HDDs built-in. First of all, the first Blu-ray recorder to be released will be the RD-X10, which features a 2TB HDD and functionality for playing 3D movies.

Furthermore, the RD-X10 is due to come out for retail in Japan this September at a price of $2,500. Then there are the other three recorders, which can be upgraded to 3D capacity through a kit but Toshiba is currently being silent about most of the details. However, the basic concept here is that customers who are looking to acquire a Blu-ray recorder, now have the option of paying more for 3D capability. More specifically, the RD-BZ800 model is carrying a 1 TB HDD while the RD-BZ700 offers a 500GB HDD and they’re both scheduled for release in September. The RD-BZ800 will cost $1,700 and the RD-BZ700 is priced at $1,300.

Meanwhile, the final recorder, known as the RD-BZ600 packs a 500GB HDD but lacks the capability for recording one TV program while watching another. Nonetheless, it’s the cheaper of the three models considering the $1,000 price tag and it’s scheduled to launch this October. Thus, these last three recorders are all compatible with the special kit for upgrading to 3D functionality and they’re set to be released in Japan as well. Currently, Toshiba Japan hasn’t released information concerning sales overseas, though.


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