Toshiba announces new Blu-ray recorders and players

January 14, in Blu-Ray

Toshiba has recently announced more to their Blu-Ray line other than some new REGZA models. The company wants to launch three new Blu-ray recorders in its VARDIA line. All three of the recorders allow the user to copy from DVD to Blu-ray, and vice versa. They also have an HDMI interface, USB port, LAN connectivity and SD memory slot.

The first of the Blu-ray recorders is the D-B305K (pictured above and selling for $1,100) which has a 320GB HDD. Another option is the D-B1005K, which has a 1 TB hard disc drive and sells for $1,400. There is also the D-BW1005K model with has a VHS slot. Oh, there is also a Blu-ray player, the SD-BD1K, for about $300. These models should hit Japan in a few weeks.


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