Toshiba 40E200U Television Review-Getting What You Pay For

December 31, in LCD

And now, we finish out our week with the LCD televisions by bringing a nice piece from Toshiba. As was generally the case all this week, we skewed lower on the quality to get you a little bit better pricing, so as you all prepare to enjoy a new year, consider doing so with a Toshiba 40E200U.

The Toshiba 40E200U is a forty inch 1080p LCD television that offers the CineSpeed LCD panel (which probably helps the blurring considering the television itself operates at a “normal” sixty hertz), photo frame capability so you can use it like a big digital photo frame, a gaming mode to further reduce blurring, and the DynaLight Backlight Control that adjusts light levels according to each frame of video playback, keeping video more constant. You’ll also get a three “TheaterWide” modes for adjusting widescreen presentations, as well as four HDMI ports, one component input, two composite outputs, a PC input, a digital audio output, an analog audio input, and a USB port.

The sound on this one is something of a problem as you’ve only got two ten watt speakers, and they’re not augmented by extras like SRS or the like. The picture does make up for that somewhat as it looks surprisingly nice and has plenty of supporting features. Again we’ve got some problems here in terms of support for your older hardware, but if you’re packing newer gear in your home theater system, you’ll have no trouble here.

And despite the less than stellar audio, you’ll still be able to pick up speakers to take care of that problem nicely–the whole system sells for $524.75 out at Amazon, which means you’ll have plenty of room left in your home theater budget to take care of the audio gear separately.

So if you want a nice addition to a home theater setup, consider the substantial Toshiba 40E200U, which may not be the best sounding television you’ve found, but it should do a lovely job handling the images.

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