TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter

February 5, in Wireless


TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter

You can connect your TiVo Series2 DVR to your wireless home network with a TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter. The Network Adapter lets you enjoy TiVoToGo, multi-room viewing transfers, music and photos sent directly to your television, and you allows you to easily schedule all your recordings online. If used with a broadband connection, the Tivo Network Adapter also eliminates the need for a phone line.

With the TiVoToGo feature, you’ll be able to transfer programs from your TiVo box to a Windows-based desktop or laptop PC. The Network Adapter works with 802.11g and 802.11b wireless networks. Once you already have Tivo, it might seem like your Home Theater habits can’t possibly get any more flexible, but you’ll be amazed at all the options open to you when you combine the power of TiVo to schedule television shows at your convenience with the power of a PC to download other materials for use with your HT set up. The TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter sells for right around $40.

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