This claw-machine is powered by a Kinect

March 8, in Console Gaming

Kinect Controlled Delta-Robot from Enrique Ramos on Vimeo.

I was once doing work at a Dennys and I realized that finding riches is like the claw machine. You spend your time putting in quarters, and it usually doesn’t work. Even if you don’t get something, it isn’t worth munch.

Okay, now that I have finished the whole existential rant, I’m going to talk about this claw machine done by the Kinect.

You will notice how it will move with the user’s hand. It doesn’t look like he is getting that box there. It also looks like the claw is attacking him, which is just a sign that machines will get us someday.

Oh, I’m all dark today. I suppose that you can chalk this one up with all the Kinect hacks that we have reported on like the gesture-based remote, the X-ray vision one, the one that does Street Fighter, and all Kinect hacks to come.

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