The Playstation Move Gets A Submachine Gun Accessory

October 8, in Accessories

Since its official announcement, the Playstation Move has been issued a slew of accessories. Among them, a charging stand and a ridiculous light handgun attachment has been spotted at stores like Target and Wal-mart. So, it seems that Sony hasn’t stopped trying to be a “Nintendo Wii” copycat, considering the many similarities that the Move shares with Nintendo’s renowned motion control system, which includes the accessories.

Now CTA Digital enters the fray with a new submachine gun accessory for Sony’s motion control system. To use the gaming firearm peripheral, you simply clip the Move controller up front, slide the nunchuck device in the grip and you’ll be all locked and loaded for war (or whatever type of game you’re about to play).

Furthermore, a stock and scope are also included for more “weapon authenticity” (as if that helps this thing look any better). Thus, the CTA Digital Submachine Gun is scheduled to ship in late November and it’s priced at $29.99 if you’re really interested in using it. Once again, this proves that just because you can make a gaming accessory doesn’t mean you should.


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