The Next Nintendo Wii Console Might Be Equipped With A Blu-ray Drive

August 10, in Blu-Ray

Good day to you, dear readers! Boy, have we got a story for you today. According to Ubergizmo, the next Nintendo Wii console, currently known as the Wii 2 could be coming with a Blu-ray drive and HD output when it launches sometime in 2011. Of course, even if Nintendo does pull this off, the Wii still might not catch up to more advanced gaming consoles like the PS3, which is likely to be upgraded to a better model by then. However, it’s important to note that this story is mere gossip on the rumor mill for the time being. Right now, it’s mostly just speculation.

Nonetheless, the inclusion of HD content is a believable update for the Wii and one that Nintendo fans would probably embrace, assuming that the company actually provides real HD on their next console. But the addition of a Blu-ray device for the Wii is less believable not just due to upgrading the console’s hardware but because it would raise the retail price, which could end Nintendo’s long reputation for keeping their prices low. Personally, I hope they won’t sacrifice that just so they can offer gamers some advanced features they can already get on a different console.


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