The Lancerlink NHC-168 Network HD Converter

November 6, in HD

GeekStuff4U recently begin to sell a fascinating gadget known as the Lancerlink NHC-168 Network HD Converter. This device enables you to send audio and video content from an HDMI source to an HDMI-capable receiver through an Ethernet connection. The device is also designed to play DVDs on a TV set and operate a DVD player remotely, during those times when you’re not in the same room.

In order to use the Lancerlink NHC-168, you simply plug it into the TV, Plasma TV, projector or AV amplifier and then plug it to a network through an Ethernet or USB LAN converter. The device is measured at 120mm x 91mm x 30.5mm and weighs 220 grams. Thus, the Lancerlink NHC-168 Network HD Converter is available for 35,980 Yen ($442).


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