Technicolor Developers Certifi3D Content Rating System

December 8, in 3d

Seeing how there are so many different ways to actually produce 3D content it would be ridiculous to believe that all content would be of the same quality. I mean, just compare a YouTuber with a makeshift 3D camera to James Cameron’s Avatar and you can quickly see what I’m talking about. So, how are broadcasters and content providers supposed to know if 3D content is up to par?

Luckily, Technicolor has stepped in to let us know that they have developed a new service to actually rate the quality of 3D content. Dubbed Certifi3D, this system will inlove a 15-point quality checklist to ensure that whatever content is being pushed through it is of the highest possible quality.

This will help ensure that consumers are constantly getting high quality 3D content and not garbage that will induce headaches, nausea and otherwise unpleasant feelings.

Physical discomfort induced by a movie? No thanks.

via reuters

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