TDK Slimline NX-02CD CD System

March 9, in CD Systems

TDK NX-02CD System

TDK NX-02CD System

Glancing at TDK’s mini sound system, you may think it is missing a set of speakers, until you realize that the NXT technology speakers incorporated into the sound system are actually transparent. These invisible SurfaceSound speakers are the hallmarks of TDK’s Slimline NX-02CD CD system, which TDK states fill the room with sound, offer a wide sweet spot, and eliminate the ‘beaming’ often affiliated with conventional speakers.

The mini subwoofer lends distortion free low-end deep bass response while the ‘invisible’ flat panel speakers give off pure, rich acoustic clarity. Conventional speakers create a narrow sound field through the piston-like movement of a single cone but, NXT technology creates sound by vibrating the whole speaker panel. Retails for around AUD$299 and includes a slim remote control.

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