Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Custom Woodworking Theater

We look at a long list of things when it comes to sweet home theater setups.  We look at equipment and seating and all the little extras like availability of snacks and everything in between.  But today, we’ve got something new to take notice of–the woodworking. read more…

DIY: Wyatt Woodworking Cabinet Kit for Audio Nirvana Drivers

DIY: Wyatt Woodworking Cabinet Kit for Audio Nirvana Drivers

Perhaps the trickiest obstacle for the aspiring DIY speaker builder to overcome is obtaining a quality set of cabinets. There are companies that offer pre-built speaker cabinets, which is one solution worth considering. All of the pre-built cabinets I have encountered, however, have a narrow baffle plate. The largest speaker that can be installed is an 8-inch driver. While this is acceptable for a conventional multi-driver design, it does not work for designs employing large-diameter, full-range speakers. For instance, the Audio Nirvana product line has both 10-inch and 12-inch full range drivers, which require a 14 and ½-inch front baffle. For those DIY enthusiasts who want to give these unusual drivers a try, they must commit to building their own cabinets. Quite frankly, very few people have access to the wood working equipment needed to build a solid cabinet with a high wife acceptance factor. Fortunately, a cabinetmaker has stepped up, and developed a flat pack cabinet kit for the Audio Nirvana drivers.

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