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Spyro Gyra on SACD

On October 23rd, 2001, Heads Up International will be releasing their first SACD title, Spyro Gyra’s ‘In Modern Times’. Spyro Gyra was founded in 1975 by saxophonist and producer Beckenstein. The band’s infectious sound became a forerunner of many of today’s most popular styles. read more…

Channel Classics Release ‘Fantazia’ SACD

The latest SACD release from Channel Classics is ‘Fantazia’ by the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet.

The Quartet, whose members include Daniлl Brьggen, Bertho Driever, Paul Leenhouts and Karel van Steenhoven, was formed in 1978 while its members were students at Amsterdam’s Sweelinck Conservatory. read more…

Sharp Announces 1-bit Universal SACD/DVD-Audio Player

Sharp have unveiled the DX-SX200, a high-end universal player with 1-bit multi-channel playback capabilities for CD (including CD-R and CD-RW), SACD, DVD-Video Video-CD media, MP3 files and DVD-Audio discs. read more…

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