Super Audio Center

Back to the Future: The Aura Note CD/Amp Completer

Back to the Future: The Aura Note CD/Amp Completer


Preamp & Power Amp Section

  • Input: AUX (RCA) x 1, USB-A x 1(for MP3, WMA, OGG file), USB-B x 1(for PC)
  • Output: Speaker and Headphone
  • Volume: Cirrus Logic CS3310 (0.001%THD, 116dB Dynamic range)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz -25kHz (-0.5dB) Output: 50W + 50W (8 Ohms)
  • Power Amp: MosFet Single Ended Push Pull


  • Type: Top loading mechanism
  • Media: CD / MP3 CD / USB Memory
  • D/A Conversion: Cirrus Logic CS4398, 120dB, 192kHz
  • Digital Filter: Proprietary 3rd order filter
  • Memory Buffer: RAM Buffer Playback 16MB SRAM
  • 10sec ESP


  • Band: FM / AM
  • Preset: 20 Stations


  • Decoder: Micronas USB CODEC
  • Playback Format: MP3 / WMA / OGG (UPTO 192K BPS) Recording Format: MP3 128K BPS (FIXED)
  • Playback File: 44.1kHz / 16bit -96kHz/24bit


  • Size: W278 x H84 x D278mm (W10.94 x H3.3 x D10.94 inch) Weight: 7kg (15.4lb. Net)
  • Power Consumption: 11W (standby), 30W (nominal), 200W (max)

Additional Features 

  • Credit Card Remote IEC/Detachable Power Cord Manufacturer: April Music of Korea
  • US Distributor for review:
  • Price: $2350

Over the years one thing could be counted on in audio, exterior designs were consistent enough that even the most non-audio person could identify the rectangular box. That is until Bang and Olufsen came along with their sleek Scandinavian designs. The low profile, brushed aluminum and rosewood vinyl rectangles with hidden control panels brought a cult following and more than one urban legend about a home being burglarized but the B&O left behind because the thief had no idea of what it was. Unfortunately, that design is only available on the used market now….

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AES 117: Super Audio Center Launch and 24 Track Sonoma Debut at AES Conference

This week’s Audio Engineering Society Convention at San Francisco’s Moscone Center will see the formal launch of the new Super Audio Center in Boulder, Colorado. The Super Audio Center or “SAC” for short will be helmed by long-time DSD and SACD expert Gus Skinas. Also debuting at this week’s conference, which starts on Thursday, is the long-awaited 24 Track Sonoma DSD workstation.

In addition to these developments, I’ve learned that the Super Audio Center will be managing, selling and renting the existing 8 Channel Sonoma DSD Workstations as well as selling the 4th Generation DSD Converters from Ed Meitner’s EMM Labs in the U.S. and Europe. Here’s the story on the new Super Audio Center firm, the new 24 Track Sonoma DSD Workstation and the balance of their announcements. read more…

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