My Review of the Rockus 3D Speaker System from Antec

We have reported on the Antec Rockus 3D/2.1 speakers before, and we even did it twice. One of the times that I reported on them, I stated that I didn’t know what 3D sound was.

I am glad that I have had Antec send me the product itself to try out. read more…

i.Sound Mini Speaker

I spent a lot of time at CTIA Spring 2011 last week, and I saw a lot of new products there from i.Sound and DreamGEAR like the Cinema Sound iPad stand and the i.Sound Power View.

This particular one I could not find on the i. read more…

Wilson Audio Sasha WP Speaker Systems

Here is something that can surely place your audio setup to the next level. The product is the this new Wilson Audio Sasha WP speaker system. The high-end speaker manufacturer has launched successive versions of the WATT/Puppy for over 20 years, but instead of resting on its past glory, Wilson Audio has decided to impress the audiophiles with a radical re-imagination of the company’s signature WATT/Puppy concept (the picture featured here is based on the Alexandria speakers). read more…

Logitech unveils the Z906 Speaker System

We have reviewed Logitech’s speakers before, like the Z623 Speaker System, and the Logitech Multimedia Speakers with 360 degree sound. Now they have unveiled the Z906.

The Z906 has a subwoofer of 165 watts, and the satellites are at 67. read more…

Concept Ultrasonic Klang Speaker

Here is an interesting idea for speakers that could change everything.

Instead of using a vibrating a driver at the correct frequencies and projecting them, this one uses ultrasonic waves to vibrate air molecules along a path, so things outside the path won’t hear the sound. read more…

Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System on sale at Amazon

While I was at CES 2011 this year, I passed by Creative’s booth, but there wasn’t really time to stop there.

I bring this up because Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System for a very low price. read more…

Razer announces the Ferox portable speaker

I think that we are all familiar with Razer products. They usually are into gaming products like the PC Gaming Set based on Tron Legacy and the Starcraft II Series.

Now they are introducing the Ferox, which are some ultra portable stereo speakers made for portability and omni-directional sound. read more…

Ammo box turns into a speaker system

In case you have an old ammo box lying around, you might want to turn it into a speaker.

This was apparently a project that is was intended to be a conversion of a .50 caliber ammo box into a functioning speaker for an MP3 Player, notebook, or portable device for about $50. read more…

JBL Creature III Speaker System goes on sale at Amazon for $63 off

I remember when we first covered the JBL Creature III Speaker System, and when it became available on Amazon for 56 dollars less than its usual price.

You can now get the JBL Creature III Speaker System for even more cheap (about $63. read more…

Ceramic Speaker is only 1mm thick

What you are seeing here is a ceramic speaker.

Yes, I believe that ceramic speakers are nothing new, honestly. However, this one is essentially printed onto a millimeter-thin ceramic substrate. read more…


THE SOUNDSCIENCE ROCKUS 3D 2.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM The Soundscience rockus 3D 2.1 speaker system which is introduced by the Antec Inc. is designed in such a way so as to create the experience of a personal theater. It brings the realism involved in the 3D sound and power together with good clarity and high accuracy of the high-fidelity sound. read more…

Panasonic SC-PT670 Home Theater Speaker Review-Better Deal Than Youd Think

Next up on our list is the Panasonic SC-PT670, a system that’s actually a lot more system than you’d might expect, and for a whole lot less money than you’d suspect.

The Panasonic SC-PT670 is a thousand watt five channel home theater system that actually includes a five disc DVD player. read more…

The Cyber Acoustics Speaker System Available On Amazon

Today, Amazon is offering the Cyber Acoustics Speaker System for only $39.24 shipped. Previously, it was retailing for $66.08. It features a couple of 2-inch satellite speakers and a 5.25-inch subwoofer with a throw voice-coil and tuned port. read more…

Yamaha PDX-31: iPod Speaker Dock

Yamaha will soon launch a new iPod Speaker dock codenamed PDX-31 which is priced at $170 and comes with an average set of features, including:

– works with iPhone and iPod;
– comes with 3.25-inch speakers;
– includes an AUX-in to connect other MP3 players;
– available in red, black, or gray;
– also comes with a remote control;

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