S1Digital 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer Now Shipping

Tired of changing the Blu-ray discs you use to watch your favorite movies? Well with this new Blu-ray disc changer, you may no longer have to get up to do so. The S1Digital 100 Disc Blu-ray changer can store up to 100 Blu-ray disc content and is designed to be connected with a digital media center running on Windows 7 or Windows Vista. read more…

S1Digital Launches P500 Media Center

A new media center is going to be waiting for you. S1Digital has launched the P500 Media Center which will feature up to four CableCARD tuners and a QAM/ATSC tuner, support for RAID5 storage, HDMI/DVI ports, 7. read more…

S1Digital CableCARD Enabled Media Centers in the stores


S1 Digital recently announced the immediate availability of their latest Digital Cable Tuners with their Media Center solutions. The latest products are aimed at eliminating the need of cable set top box to watch and record premium high-definition TV (HDTV). read more…


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