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Neil Young – ‘On the Beach’  A DVD-Audio review by Patrick Cleasby

Neil Young – ‘On the Beach’ A DVD-Audio review by Patrick Cleasby

Neil Young’s quest for a digital medium that is adequate as an archive for his ageing tape store seems to have finally found its end. His enthusiasm for the DVD-Audio format has thus far produced the idiosyncratic 5.1 mix for ‘Harvest’, and the more naturalistic use of rears for ambience on ‘Road Rock Vol.1’ and ‘Greendale’ (see review), but here we have the first fruits of his digital stereo archive project. On the 13th April, Rhino are releasing 24-bit 176.4kHz stereo only DVD-Audio discs of three of the missing four Young albums which appeared on CD for the first time last year – ‘On the Beach’, ‘American Stars ‘n Bars’, and ‘Hawks and Doves’. The fourth, ‘Re*Act*or’, has been delayed as according to Robin Hurley, “…some changes were needed for the screen content.” It is currently scheduled for US release on the 5th of May according to the Rhino website. In the UK and Europe Warner Music have decided on a different tack, preferring to defer the release of the titles until all four are ready, with release dates set as 17th May for Europe and 31st May for the UK, as long as ‘Re*Act*or’ suffers no further delays.

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