A Strange Set Of Speakers That Only A Plumber Could Love

Now here’s a pretty strange-looking set of speakers that resemble plastic tubing from under a kitchen sink. Interestingly enough, these speakers, known as the Sea Cucumbers are actually made from PVC, an inexpensive and strong polymer that is used to construct pipes. read more…

LG 47LH40 Television Review-I Love LG

No, really…so far, I love LG. In fact, I’m hard pressed to remember the last time I wasn’t satisfied with an LG model’s performance that I tried out.  This is why, of course, I was extra happy to tackle the LG 47LH40. read more…

I Love You USB LED Light


USB Brando unveils cool products now and then. Here is an interesting product that would make your beloved say WOW. It’s another way of expressing your love. I Love You’ USB LED Light communicates your LOVE message to your lover. read more…

The Beatles – ‘Love’  A DVD-Audio review by Mark Jordan

The Beatles – ‘Love’ A DVD-Audio review by Mark Jordan

Things that make you go, “Hmmm.”


The best I can say about this project featuring new remixes and production of favorite tracks by The Beatles is that it has some wonderful moments. The worst I can say is that it has some bloody awkward moments. read more…

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