Interview with Speaker Design Guru David Smith

Interview with Speaker Design Guru David Smith

TNT-Audio caught up with noted speaker designer David Smith, ex-JBL, McIntosh, KEF, Snell, and PSB. Join TNT and Speaker Dave on a journey into the heart of speaker design, its history and current trends. read more…

Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound introduced the latest UPQ-1P Loudspeaker in the recent InfoComm 2008. Best suited for permanent installations including theatres, nightclubs and corporate AV applications, the UPQ-1P Loudspeaker has been able to demonstrate the same consistent and smooth sonic signature of Meyer Sound products. read more…

Acapella High Violoncello II Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Acapella High Violoncello II Floorstanding speaker The Acapella High Violoncello II Floorstanding speaker has been infused with efficient horn speaker to deliver the exceptional quality of conventional loudspeakers. It is a Full-Range Loudspeaker with high-tech system and ion tweeter belonging to the Acapella family. read more…

Introducing The Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System

Recently, Pro-idee introduced the Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System, which is a splashproof, protection class IPX4 wireless loudspeaker. Mainly, it’s intended for use in places like a garden, swimming pool, or your next party at a social club. read more…

Audience ClairAudient 2+2 Loudspeaker

Audience, the dedicated designer and manufacturer of high performance audio/video equipments, has announced the shipping of its compact ClairAudient 2+2 loudspeaker, designed to deliver extensive sound. read more…

Assembling A Simple $1000 System

Assembling A Simple $1000 System

So, what is Flat Earth? Contrary to what some would have you believe, Flat Earth is not restricted to either Naim or Linn. This isn’t a concept defined by brand. Rather, it is a reflection of how people listen to music from their systems more a value judgement of what’s important in music reproduction. That is, dispense with the aspects of reproduction that you can not be sure of (e.g. soundstage, imaging & reproduction of the recording environment) and instead concentrate on the construction of the music. Is the bass in time with the percussion? Does the piece hang together as a whole? This, of course, is not to decry the ’rounder’ aspects of reproduction. Aspects such as soundstage etc. can enhance the experience. The Flat Earth approach simply gives primacy to the tune …

‒ From the Pink Fish Media web forum FAQ

Novelists must usually decide what degree of slavish accuracy would make their stories more alive, and what degree would make them less.” – Michael Cunningham

The term “flat earth” may be new to many readers. It is a somewhat obscure segment of audio whose philosophies contrast those of the “round earth” mainstream, whose foci is frequency balance, soundstaging, resolution and tonality. Not to denigrate the importance of those ideals. Flat earth’s ascension paralleled those of Linn and Naim. I consider myself a flat earther to the extent that I place more emphasis on the “big picture” derived through the timing, architecture and message, rather than the individual elements. read more…

Polk Audio SDA-2 Loudspeakers

Polk Audio SDA-2 Loudspeakers


  • Dimensions: 39 1/2″ H BY 16″ W BY 12″ D Shipping Weight: 80 lbs. each
  • Drivers: 1″ Soft Dome tweeter; 6 1/2″ mid-woofers; 12″ passive radiator speaker
  • Mirror imaged pairs
  • Tweeter is fused-protected
  • Frequency Response: 16-26,000 Hz. (no tolerance given)
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB / w / m Nominal Impedence: 4 ohms Suggested Amplification: 10-500 watts continuous;common ground amplifiers only
  • Price: $1,200.00 (1984 Cost) ~$300.00 (Current Used Cost)

Polk Audio speakers have a long-standing reputation for providing very good sound quality at very reasonable prices. They may lack a certain “cache” in the high-end audio press but their owners are as passionately enthusiastic as any I’ve encountered surfing the various web sites. The wildest enthusiasm is reserved for the SDA models, the subject of this review. read more…

MartinLogan Source SE Loudspeaker Black Ash

Electronic world has recently launched a new entry by the name of MartinLogan Source SE Loudspeaker Black Ash. Made of MarineLogan high quality wood, this is a full range speaker that delivers an ultimate sound experience. read more…

Eficion Ficion S20 Loudspeaker System

Eficion Ficion S20 Loudspeaker System


  • Design: 2-way vented-box. Frequency Response: 65Hz-40kHz. Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83V/1m.
  • Impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 7.5 ohms). Power Requirement: 50-100W recommended.
  • Tweeter: Purified aluminum ribbon tweeter with pleated structure.
  • Woofer: 5.2″ polymer compound cone. Enclosure: MDF with real wood veneer.
  • Loudspeaker Dimensions (HWD): 13.8″ X 7.4″ X 7.5″. Price: $650 pr.

The Eficion Ficion S20 is a two way high quality speaker system that Eficion sells as a surround speaker. Fortunately Eficion recently opened a showroom in the Redmond Town Center in Redmond Washington just a short 16 mile drive from my home and Peigen Jiang the owner and designer of Eficion loudspeakers was able to meet with me and supply a set speakers for evaluation. I initially went to visit Peigen and hear his incredible sounding Eficion Ficion F300s (which are worth a visit to his shop if you are anywhere near Redmond Washington) but I was impressed when I heard these little speakers so I decided to do a review for A$$A. read more…

Snell Phantom LoudSpeaker System

Snell Acoustics will be introducing its new Phantom loudspeaker system that is engineered to provide the incredible sound and style that we have come to expect with this company. Phantom features many unique audio characteristics and technologies including the innovative 3-way design by Snell’s Chief Engineer, Joe D’Appolito. read more…

New Mythos Ten On-wall Loudspeaker


New Mythos® Ten On-wall Loudspeaker is the new creation of Definite Technology in order to provide on-wall high performance loudspeakers in the market. This new revolution in the market of audio comes in dimension of 34-1/2″ H x 6-1/16″ W x 4-3/8″ D , which is no doubt perfectly proportioned to match 50-inch and larger flat panel video displays. read more…

Mythos Audio’s Olon loudspeaker

Mythos Audio recently launched Olon loudspeaker with Plywood finish. Olon is an ancient greek work meaning hidden idea among known and unknown universe. It also means the unsolved mysteries, which were yet to be discovered. read more…

DIY Hell: The “Spirit of Orion” – Part2

DIY Hell: The “Spirit of Orion” – Part2

Well here’s the second instalment of the “Spirit of Orion” loudspeaker system build project (first part can be found here). Last time I gave a broad stroke description of the system and the final “incarnation” using the excellent Jordan JX92S full range drivers in the open baffle and the M&K subs and plate amps (with adjustable internal electronic crossover) as the woofer and electronics package. You will need a pre-amp /power amp combination or an integrated amp with pre-amp outputs and power amp input. A couple sets of good quality RCA cables are also a requirement, and of course some suitable speaker cable.

read more…

Piggy Loudspeaker

If you want to buy toy looking loudspeaker, you can purchase the piggy loudspeaker, which looks quite eye-catching. These speakers are mini and look like alien pig. They can be easily connected to several devices with ease. read more…

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