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Recording Process Part One: “Live” Room

Recording Process Part One: “Live” Room

It recently struck me that in this hobby of ours, there is often talk of all manner of things that have their affect on the sound of music; from speakers and amplification to the mood you were in when listening to it. Rarely though, do I hear audiophiles discussing of one of the biggest influencing factors how the music was recorded. I don’t think this is because there is no interest in this area, but more likely because it is not a subject that the average audiophile has the opportunity to learn much about. After all, one can not just waltz in to somebody’s commercial studio and start playing around with all the equipment.

As such, I thought it might be of interest to the Affordable Audio readership to write a short piece each issue covering the main aspects of the recording processes used to produce most music today. Hopefully it will give you greater insight to the ‘other side’ of our hobby.

I suppose the first place to start when looking at the subject of recording is the room the performance takes place in! One of the most important factors that makes (or breaks) the very best studios is the ‘live room’. If you have a poor live room it doesn’t matter what microphones you use, or how good your mixer desk is; there will not be any good sound to capture. read more…

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