Lepai LP-808 Mini-Amplifier

Lepai LP-808 Mini-Amplifier


  • R.M.S: 15wpc x2
  • Channel: 2-channel
  • Power supply: DC 12V 2A
  • Size: 140 x 95 x 40mm (5.5 x 3.7 x 1.6 inch)
  • Price: $24.95

There are times when all audio fans need a secondary amplifier to temporarily play music, but the thought of dragging a big old piece of gear is the last thing one wants to do. Recently, our founder was asked to create a long term temporary solution for a friend who was in need of music in their home. But with limited space and next to nothing of a budget, could only afford an amplifier to work with her iPod and dock. The result was found on eBay, a small chip amp by Lepai that could power a set of bookshelf speakers. read more…

New Pioneer Receivers Integrated with iPhone and iPod Connectivity

Pioneer Electronics unveils three new A/V receivers that now cover interface options that will allow consumers to enjoy audio and video stored from iPhone and iPods. The three new receivers, VSX-819AH, VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH A/V receivers feature proprietary technologies designed to restore compressed audio data and recreate the dynamic listening experiences intended by the original musician. read more…

JVC LT42P789 LED Television Review-Great For The iPod Lovers

Today we have a look at a little surprise from JVC, the LT42P789, a television that will be sort of a mixed bag. It does some things very well, but others, not so much. So lets take a look at the ups and the downs of this strange new JVC. read more…

iQuake-52 self-powered iPod docking speakers from Earthquake

Believe it or not, it has been two to three years since we covered something by Earthquake. It was back in 2008 with the Earthquake Sound MiniMe P10 and P12 as well as the Earthquake subwoofer amplifiers XJ-300R and XJ-600R. read more…

Yamaha PDX-31: iPod Speaker Dock

Yamaha will soon launch a new iPod Speaker dock codenamed PDX-31 which is priced at $170 and comes with an average set of features, including:

– works with iPhone and iPod;
– comes with 3.25-inch speakers;
– includes an AUX-in to connect other MP3 players;
– available in red, black, or gray;
– also comes with a remote control;

JVC NX-PB10: CD Player with iPod + iPhone dock

JVC has recently presented a new CD player that comes with a dock for your iPhone or iPod, it is entitled JVC NX-PB10.

The JVC NX-PB10 also includes a slot for SD memory cards and besides the support of MP3 files it can also playback WMA. read more…

Victor JVC NX-TC7: iPod dock with 1seg

All the way from Japan comes a new iPod dock made by Victor JVC which is codenamed NX-TC7 and should become available for purchase on November 2010.

What makes the Victor JVC NX-TC7 different from the rest is the support of 1seg which means you can easily watch TV. read more…

TEAC Has A New CD Player Featuring iPod Support

Hey there, dear readers! If you like CD players, then you might be interested in the new CD-P650 from TEAC. This device is actually designed to fully integrate and support the use of an Apple iPod. read more…

Logitec LDs-SiP500: iPhone and iPod speaker

Logitec from Japan has announced a new iPhone and iPod speaker which goes by the name of Logitec LDs-SiP500 and at the moment there isn’t any information about the price tag, we only know the release date which is set for October 2010. read more…

iHome IP3 – iPhone and iPod Dock

iHome has recently announced a new dock for both the iPhone and iPod, it is codenamed iHome IP3 and is already available for purchase with a price tag of $200.

The iHome IP3 can be considered the “big brother” of the previous model – IP1 – and features a W class D camp with two speakers of 3. read more…

Yamaha iPod dock and speakers: CRX-550 and NS-BP200

Yamaha is getting ready to launch a combination of speakers + receiver codenamed CRX-550 and NS-BP200 which should hit the shelves in October 2010.

The receiver – Yamaha CRX-550 – can playback CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs and boasts a USB port as well as an analog AUX jack. read more…

Sony RDP-X50iP: iPhone and iPod Dock

If you are the proud owner of an iPod or iPhone and are looking for an audio solution for your cyber theater take a look at the Sony RDP-X50iP which is a dock compatible with the iPhone and the iPod. read more…

Pionner presents Hi-Fi X-CM30 iPod Dock

Pioneer has recently presented a new iPod Dock which goes by the codename of Hi-Fi X-CM30 and should become available for purchase later this month in Japan.

This Pioneer iPod Dock makes it easy to have access to the audio content on your iPod and the extra feature is being able to put the video/audio files on your TV. read more…

Netflix App Arrives for iPhone and iPod Touch, Take Home Theater Anywhere

And here it is, finally–the Netflix iPhone app.  After a long, long, way too long time of watching and waiting, we’ve finally got the ability to reorder our queues and select our next round of videos from our Apple gear. read more…

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