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Surround Music Awards 2004

In just three years, the Surround Music Awards has grown from an unproven concept to the anchor event for the Surround Conference. The assimilation of Surround 2004 into the broader Entertainment Media Expo did nothing to diminish the prominence and prestige of the Awards within the pro audio industry. This years Surround Awards, held on August 31 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel’s Highlands Ballroom, was the most widely-attended yet, drawing a standing room only crowd of over 400. Produced by Lisa Roy and Bobby Owsinski, the ceremony got underway with a twilight patio reception – a perfect opportunity for collegial networking, schmoozing, and escalating anticipation.

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“The History and Future of Surround Sound” – Tom Holman, TMH Corporation

“The History and Future of Surround Sound” – Tom Holman, TMH Corporation

In his Surround 2003 seminar, Tom Holman of TMH Corporation gave an interesting, anecdote-laden account of the history of surround sound recording, a “drama in five acts, we hope with a happy ending.” Holman went back to the roots of stereo recording to find the events that led to the first recordings in surround sound. As Holman pointed out, it all goes back to Bell Labs’ initial experiments with stereo recording in the early 1930’s. read more…

Emerging Technology, Surround Professional 2003

HighFidelityReview reports from the ‘Future of Surround’ panel & New Technologies Forum held at the Surround Professional 2003 Conference and Technology Showcase where subjects such as hybrid DVD-Audio discs and Super Audio CD version two (SACD 2) were discussed & new products from Minnetonka Software, SRS Labs, Dolby Laboratories and iBiquity Digital were demonstrated, where John Eargle of JBL Professional demonstrates his company’s Linear Spatial Reference active studio monitors.

Regardless of their ultimate fate in the fickle consumer marketplace, at this point both SACD and DVD-Audio are mature, established formats for production and delivery of multichannel music recordings. In contrast to Surround Conferences past, presenters no longer have to lug around unwieldy custom or home-built gear for demos – now, they can simply drop their sample discs into commercial players.

Nevertheless, in this highly competitive environment neither format completely addresses all perceived needs. As a result, evolutionary changes are afoot in both DVD-Audio and SACD. Each format is currently being enhanced to address the respective limitations for which it is most commonly criticized: DVD-Audio’s lack of backward compatibility with CD players, and SACD’s lack of video content options. These developments were among the topics tackled in the ‘Future of Surround’ panel, moderated by Bobby Owsinski, Surround 2003 Conference Chairman and Managing Director/Executive Producer at Surround Associates. read more…

Phil Ramone – Surround Professional 2003 Keynote Speech

Phil Ramone – Surround Professional 2003 Keynote Speech

Al Schmitt introduced Surround Professional 2003’s keynote speaker, Phil Ramone, saying that usually he was irreverent when he spoke of Phil but this time he wanted to be serious. Al said that he and Phil are great friends and that it was a great pleasure and an honour to introduce Phil – in fact they are such good friends that they even went on a cruise together. After some laughter from the audience, Al added that Phil wore the high heels – so much for keeping it serious! read more…

Surround Music Awards 2003

Honoring the year’s most significant releases in the fledgling multichannel music catalog, the Surround Music Awards were held on December 11, the first night of the Fifth Annual Surround Professional Conference at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. In only its second year, the SMA Program has already emerged as the social centerpiece of the Conference. This year’s Awards ceremony, a thoroughly polished and classy affair produced by the effusive and tireless Lisa Roy, sported celebrity presenters and sophisticated multimedia segments (in multichannel sound, naturally), while still retaining the intimacy and enthusiasm befitting a gathering of lifelong music-lovers. The evening also included a moving tribute to the memory of Surround Pioneer Award winner Frank Zappa. read more…

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