JVC HA-MX10-B Studio Monitor Headphones

We have seen a lot of interesting things from JVC with the DLA-X7 and DLA-X3 as well as the RD-R1 and RD-R2 Boomboxes.

Of course, they have to make some good headphones with the JVC HA-MX10-B studio monitor headphones which use the “latest drive unit technology”. read more…

Philips ONeill Stretch Headphones

We all know that Philips sells a lot of headphones such as the SHC8525 Headphones, the SHP8900 HiFi Stereo Headphones, and the SHP2500 Indoor Corded TV Headphones.

Now, the company is started to sell the O’Neill Stretch headphones that can “deliver the perfect combination of premium sound quality, unmatched durability, and urban style”. read more…

X2 Hybrid Headphones from ZUMREED

We have reported on ZUMREED products before, like the Zumreed Dreams Square headphones and the ZHP-005.

These X2 Hybrid Headphones are somewhat unique as they function as headphones and desktop speakers. read more…

Headbanger Concept Headphones are not from Skull Candy (yet)

We just got finished reporting on two Star Wars headphones with the Darth Vader and Boba Fett jobs.

Here is a new type of headphones that belong on the head as a band, and made for dangling upside down. read more…

Boba Fett Headphones for the fan of the Fett

Some of you might remember when we reported on the Darth Vader headphones last weekend, so it stands to reason that another popular Star Wars character gets his own headphones.

Spec-wise, the Boba Fett headphones are the same as the Darth Vader ones: a 1. read more…

Darth Vader Headphones are available to pre-order

I am certain that there are a lot of geeks out there that will have to get these pair of headphones.

If the Dark Lord of the Sith has a pair of headphones, you know that Star Wars fans worldwide will just have to get them. read more…

Introducing Sony MDR-XB1000 headphones as well as MDR-XB41EX and MDR-XB21EX earphones

This is Sony’s new headphones and earbuds, and yeah, there is a surplus of headphones and earbuds in the market.

On the left is the MDR-XB1000, a pair of cans that looks very cool.

As for the MDR-XB41EX and MDR-XB21EX earbuds also have some unique designs and some very intriguing color choices. read more…

Audio-Technica ATH-BT04NC Bluetooth Noise-canceling headphones

Some of you might remember when we discussed some of the new Audio-Technica headphones on display at CES 2011, and they have more.

These are the ATH-BT04NC Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones that support Bluetooth A2DP and hold up eighty-five percent of the surrounding noise. read more…

Sennheiser introduces the PX360 and the PX 360 BT Headphones

I believe that I passed by Sennheiser’s booth at CES 2011, but I don’t know why I didn’t report on anything from it.

Here are some of the new headphones, the PX 360 and the PX 360 BT. read more…

SHURE has some new earbuds and headphones

Right now, the NAMM trade show is going on. Since I just got out of CES, I’m not going to hit another trade show until CTIA.

I have no idea whether or not these products appeared at the SHURE booth at CES, but here they are. read more…

HiFiMan HE-06 Headphones coming soon

Welcome to the HiFiMan HE-06 Headphones, on display at CES 2011 along with other cool ones.

The HE-06 has a gold diaphragm and “a highly efficient magnetic orthodynamic circuit design”. read more…

Phiaton PS 320 Primal Series Headphones

Yes, there were a lot of wonderful headphones on display at CES 2011, and I tried to get a look and listen at as many as I can.

This is the Phiaton PS 320 “Primal Series” headphones, and they are to create the supple leather and leather-grade trim with advanced sonic technologies. read more…

Beyerdynamic T5P Headphones

While I was at CES 2011, I got a chance to see a lot of high-end headphones like the ones from Audio-Technica, and these T5p from Beyerdynamic.

They are actually designed for portable devices, and are made for detail-rich sound. read more…

50 Cent announces his own Sleek Audio Headphones at CES 2011

Bob Marley has them. Dr. Dre has them. Even Justin Bieber has them. Apparently, you aren’t a musician unless you got your own set of cans.

By cans, I mean headphones. Hip-hop star 50 Cent was on site at CES 2011 to announced his own set of headphones by Sleek Audio. read more…

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