Hitachi presents new flatscreen TVs: L42-ZP05 and L37-ZP05

Hitachi has added two new models to their line-up of flatscreen Wooo TVs, more specifically the L42-ZP05 and L37-ZP05.

What makes these models different from the rest is the inclusion of Slim-block LED technology, which is able to produce an improved sharp contrast and provides clear colors. read more…

Draper Unveils FlatScreen Lift/Case Combo

For flat screens that are often used in outdoor and rugged conditions, Draper Inc. may have finally resolved the issue to which a single person can set it up in minutes. The synchronous multi-stage design enables vertical extension of almost 2? times the flat screen height, and is fully adjustable to any position within its size range. read more…

Draper Unvieled New FlatScreen Lifts

With the most compact design but yet the greatest possible extension Draper has newly launched its FlatScreen Display Lifts. You will find the FlatScreen lifts far superior than any other model currently available as it is equipped with significantly more compact “stored” dimensions. read more…


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