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Firestone Audio Fireye Mini: A Mini-Review of a Mini Headphone Amplifier

Firestone Audio Fireye Mini: A Mini-Review of a Mini Headphone Amplifier

Portable music players and smart phones have allowed us carry our favorite digital music files on the go. For example, I love my iPhone loaded with all my favorite Apple lossless audio files. It is easy, convenient, and takes up far less room than my old Walkman with tapes. However, being the pursuer of high-fidelity audio reproduction that I am, I knew that I wanted a little more out of my on-the-go sound quality. There are a few “audiophile grade” digital players on the market that can playback FLAC files, have custom internal DACs, as well as higher driving voltages than your average player or phone. These devices however tend to be expensive, as well as you still have to carry around your phone and your music player; not convenient. But improving the sound quality of an iPhone or digital music player could be as easy as a battery powered, in-line headphone amplifier. Having many choices available to the consumer on the market, I wondered where to begin until an email showed up in my inbox from Firestone Audio of Taiwan with their newest offering.


Amplifier: Class-A / B amplifier Power: Built in battery power supply Headphone Impedence : 32 ohm to 600 ohm
Usage Time : With 100% full battery arround 24hrs, depending on volume.
Charging Method : Using PC or USB adapter to charge
dB-Weighed Frequency response (40Hz to 15kHz): 40Hz +0.1dB, 15kHz -1.67dB Noise level (1kHz, A-Weighted) : -110.5dB
THD% : 0.0068%
Stereo crosstalk : -96.0dB
Dimensions : 40 x 24 x 9 mm (D x W x H).
Weight : 14 gram (without cables)

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