Rad Racer 3D Glasses for sale on eBay

I have been seeing a lot of 3D glasses show up, and many of them are the electric kind.

These are what my Source is calling Rad Racer 3D glasses. They are nothing more than the usual red and blue analog, really. read more…

TiVo C00240 Slide Remote on eBay for $65

Watching your favorite TV shows and movies through a traditional cable broadcast may not be the cheapest form of consuming content but it’s certainly one of the most convenient. Various DVR services from companies like TiVo make the process even better by allowing you to record your favorite shows (or movies) when you’re not able to catch them during their original air time. read more…

Searching For Used Gear

Searching For Used Gear

Audio enthusiasts with limited financial resources can turn to the used marketplace in order to build a high quality stereo system. At one time, the used market was largely comprised the newspaper want ads and the traded-in equipment found at local audio stores. With the increasing popularity of the Internet as an additional resource for used audio, the market opportunities have exploded. Learning which sites to visit can make it possible to browse through thousands of different pieces of audio gear. The real trick to navigating the used market successfully is to know the benefits and risks associated with various avenues from the websites offering used audio equipment. read more…


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