Interview with Speaker Design Guru David Smith

Interview with Speaker Design Guru David Smith

TNT-Audio caught up with noted speaker designer David Smith, ex-JBL, McIntosh, KEF, Snell, and PSB. Join TNT and Speaker Dave on a journey into the heart of speaker design, its history and current trends. read more…

Look3D Eyewear designer 3D Glasses

Considering all the 3D that has been happening lately, is it any wonder that these fashionable ones are coming out?

I mean, do you really want those geeky looking goggle things the next time you go to the movies? read more…

Italian Designer Introduces Vela Rangehood

Those little under-cabinet flip-down TVs are no fun, and Italian designer Marco Valerio Agretti has taken notice introducing the Vela rangehood.

While this isn’t exactly the most conventional home theater accessory, you can now bring your DVDs into the kitchen so you don’t miss a minute of precious viewing time. read more…

Sky Announces 2008 HD Designer Boxes


If you just so happen to have coated everything in your home-theater in the latest trendy designs, but that damned grey (or black) satellite receiver is bringing down the look of the whole room, Sky’s got you covered, if you live in the UK that is. read more…

Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards Winners at CEDIA 2008

In the recent CEDIA EXPO 2008, 32 well known companies for their excellent design and installation received the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) award.

The winners of the Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards at CEDIA 2008 are:

2008 Best Large Home Theater Overall Winner-Pacific Audio & Communications

2008 Best Integrated Home Overall Winner- Baumeister Electronic Architects

2008 Best Media Room Overall Winner- All Around Technology

2008 Best Hidden Installation Overall Winner- Amnet Systems LLC

Best Large Home Theater

Large Home Theater Level I: $80,000 – $100,000

Level I Gold Technical Design- Access Audio Video Inc. read more…

Samsung Designer Hard Drives


All the gadgets should be made for all human beings without concerning especially for women, like the Samsung designer hard drives, which is made for everyone.

Samsung has come up with its latest designer hard drives of 2. read more…

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