Time Warner Cable iPad App brings back channels that were once lost

We reported on the Time Warner app for the iPad, and how it has some troubles with certain channels. The App recently got more channels, but Fox didn’t want to be part of the party.

Fox removed several channels from Time Warner’s live TV app, but has added most of them back again. read more…

Time Warner Cable brings more channels to iPad App

We have reported on Time Warner Cable before, and the problems it has been having with getting channels. One in particular is Fox, but there is more channels added.

In fact, there are about 24 new ones added, sixteen of them are immediately available to all customers, with three local channels only available to users in the Austin and New York markets. read more…

Get the Time Warner Cable TV App for the iPad, even with some problems reported

For those who subscribe to Time Warner cable’s TV service, and are an iPad user, there is good news.

The App allows users to watch programs and/or movies from the cable service anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. read more…

Monster Cable Presents Tron Legacy Headphones

Well, here’s yet another company looking to capitalize on all the excitement and hype concerning the upcoming Tron sequel. Monster Cable actually collaborated with Disney to launch two sets of headphones known as the T1 and T3 along with a few accessories. read more…

New Playstation 3 Pack comes with HDMI cable

Considering that the Playstation 3 had always promised “full HD features from the start”, it seems a little late for them to come out with this PS3 bundle with an HDMI cable built right in. read more…

Out-of-control Satellite could give cable some problems

A certain communication company known has Intelsat has lost control of its satellites.

This means that it could hit another satellite, the AMC 11, and this satellite could affect all satellite and cable systems. read more…

Panasonic 3D on display at LA Cable Show

If you are at the National Cable and Telecommunications Show at the LA Convention Center, then you can see Panasonic’s “Full High Definition 3D TV technology”.

You can get a view of the Panasonic Full HD 3D Home Theater System, and then get connected with the VT25 Series of 50-inch plasma, as well as a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player, as well as Panasonic’s 3D active shutter goggles. read more…

Motorola Introduces Innovative 3DTV Set-tops for Cable

Motorola has continuously amazed its customers for years with innovative solutions. Maintaining the leadership position in 3D TV, the company has now come up with software enhancements .for its industry-leading DCX line of set-tops that offers an exceptional and seamless 3D TV experience. read more…

Why Internet Video Freaks Out Cable Companies…And ISPs

So it’s a little bit of a lead weight to say that internet video has cable companies freaking out.  After all, why pay the cable company for TV when you can simply turn on your internet browser and get all the streaming video you could ever want. read more…

Wireworlds Platinum Starlight HDMI cable is for the elite only

If you’re one to go above and beyond for everything, especially your home theater, then perhaps you should check out Wireworld’s Platinum Starlight HDMI cable.

What exactly is special about these HDMI cords, you ask? read more…

Morrow Audio Cables

Morrow Audio Cables


  • MA4 XLR Interconnects, $599 1m pair
  • SP4 Biwire speaker cables, $729 2m pair, $60

The quickest way to start an argument among audiophiles is to raise the subject of sonic differences in cables. The often hard to conceive cost differences between what are essentially pieces of wire transmitting the signal from component to component tend to draw fire on every audio forum, and it is never long before someone points out the lack of empirical evidence from any well-controlled listening test that can point to repeatably recognized sonic differences between two wires. And heaven help you if you try to explain to a non-audiophile why you spent serious money, sometimes very serious money, on a pair of interconnects. It’s beyond the reckoning of reasonable people that a cable can make much difference. Despite this, the cable industry continues to find new ways of encouraging you to part with your money in return for such innovations as filter boxes, special windings, battery power, proprietary materials, exotic metals, friction reduction, and hosepipe widths. It’s easy to be cynical and to imagine that it’s all a load of hype, that as long as a cable measures fine for capacitance, resistance and inductance, then any differences subsequently heard are in the minds of the listeners. How nice it would be if it were that simple. read more…

Harmonic Technology: Harmony Wave Loudspeaker Cables, Harmony-Link Interconnects and Pro AC-11 Power Cords

Harmonic Technology: Harmony Wave Loudspeaker Cables, Harmony-Link Interconnects and Pro AC-11 Power Cords


Harmony Wave Loudspeaker Cable

  • Two 14 AWG and two 16 AWG copper wires
  • Harmonic Technology patented Single crystal™ design
  • Exterior constructed of UL/CL-3 grade PVC
  • Terminations can be spade or banana, Bi-wire or single design
  • Accommodates for in-wall applications as well
  • Capacitance per foot, 37 pF Inductance per foot 0.56 uH Resistance per foot, 0.003 Ohm
  • Review cables ten feet each side (Bi-wired at loudspeaker end), spade terminations both ends
  • Price $305

Harmony-Link Interconnect

  • Made with copper wire
  • Harmonic Technology patented Single crystal™ design Terminated with Gold Finished RCA connectors: Capacitance, 62 pF
  • Inductance per foot, 0.52 uH Resistance per foot, 0.013 Ohm Terminated with XLR connectors Capacitance, 60 pF
  • Inductance per foot, 049 uH Resistance per foot, 0.011 Ohm
  • Review Interconnect-One meter RCA connector version
  • Price $99 a pair with either RCA OR XLR connectors

Pro AC-11 Power Cord

  • 11 AWG 6N (99.9997%) high purity copper wire Harmonic Technology patented Single crystal™ design Exterior constructed of two shields of UL/CL-3 grade PVC
  • Variety of IEC female and male plugs are available at the ends
  • Review power cord was a 2 meter length with: Furutech FI-11 IEC
  • Furutech FI-11M male plug
  • Price as reviewed $260

Harmonic Technology was founded in 1998 by Jim Wang and is headquartered in San Diego, California. Through extensive research they developed and patented their OCC Single Crystal™ design process. According to their website this process allows for metal to be purified in order to eliminate any potential crystalline barrier distortion and thereby increase dynamics and clarity while still maintaining an increase in the power of the signal transmitted through the cables. When talking to Jim Wang on the phone he mentioned that their (OCC) Single Crystal™ copper (99.9997%) conductors have been the single most effective key to Harmonic Technology’s success in making so many wonderful and effective cables. Anyone interested in a detailed description of this process may go to the “Technical Overview” section of their website and read information far too lengthy to mention here in this review. read more…

Motorola DCX700 Cable HD DVR

Motorola DCX700 Cable HD DVR Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business recently announced the addition of DCX700 all-digital, high-definition (HD) set-top to its DCX product line. The low-profile design of this new HD DVR will enable cable operators to successfully migrate an all-digital network. read more…

Clear Day Double Shotgun Speaker Cables

Clear Day Double Shotgun Speaker Cables


  • Four solid silver wires per conductor
  • Terminated with silver plated spades or banana plugs
  • MSRP: $400 per 8′ Pair read more…
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