Utah Symphony Orchestra (Abravanel) – ‘Brahms: Symphony No.1, Academic Festival Overture’ A DVD-Audio review by Mark Jordan

Brahms fans, rejoice! This new Silverline DVD-Audio release not only marks the debut of Maurice Abravanel’s glorious Utah Symphony cycle on DVD-Audio, it also stands as the first time these recordings have truly had a format that allows them to bloom like the beautiful flowers they are. read more…

Kjell Fageus – ‘Brahms: Clarinet Trios’  An SACD review by Mark Jordan

Kjell Fageus – ‘Brahms: Clarinet Trios’ An SACD review by Mark Jordan

One of the hardest difficulties encountered in recordings of the late Brahms chamber works with clarinet is that of finding a soloist with the right temperament. Intense, virtuosic solo stars such as Richard Stolzman are very impressive, but sometimes their individuality is a roadblock to the necessary interaction with the other performers. On the other hand, an orchestral player too used to being restricted by the boundaries of large group playing can come off as not sympathetic enough to the constantly shifting moods of such pieces as the Clarinet Trio, Op.114 and the Clarinet Quintet, Op.115. Or else, he or she too plays the role of haughty star. Swedish clarinetist Kjell Fageus is well situated, however, having a declared preference for small ensemble playing, and his ability to communicate without dominating makes this release enjoyable. read more…

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