The Beatles – ‘Love’  A DVD-Audio review by Mark Jordan

The Beatles – ‘Love’ A DVD-Audio review by Mark Jordan

Things that make you go, “Hmmm.”


The best I can say about this project featuring new remixes and production of favorite tracks by The Beatles is that it has some wonderful moments. The worst I can say is that it has some bloody awkward moments. read more…

The Beatles: ‘Abbey Road’ DVD-Audio News

A release of the Beatles’ catalogue on DVD-Audio has been the subject of much speculation and rumour in recent weeks, some of it sparked by a March 11th article by Kevin Elliott on the AudioWorld web site in which he broadly hints that engineer Elliot Scheiner (Grammy® award-winning producer and Surround Pioneer Award-winner) was soon to begin work on a surround re-mix of ‘Abbey Road’. read more…

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