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Barb Jungr – ‘Walking in the Sun’  An SACD review by Mark Jordan

Barb Jungr – ‘Walking in the Sun’ An SACD review by Mark Jordan

English chanteuse Barb Jungr knows how to give a song a personality, even when it is a song that already has a strong one. She’s able to grab each song by the horns, and whether it is her own or someone else’s to start with, by the time she’s done, it’s definitely hers. This could be a bad thing in the wrong hands, but fortunately, Jungr has the creativity, skill, and shrewd sense which put her into that select category of artists whom we’re eager to hear cover songs. Her combination of covers and originals on her new Linn Records album ‘Walking in the Sun’ blends seamlessly into one of the most impressive albums I’ve heard this year. read more…

Barb Jungr Takes an Uncharted Journey Into The Kings Legacy

Linn Records have just released Barb Jungr’s fourth solo album, perhaps her most exciting and daring album yet. ‘Love Me Tender’ (Linn AKD 255) draws from the eclectic repertoire of Elvis Presley which Jungr, widely regarded as Britain’s foremost chansonnier and song stylist, has completely reconceived. read more…

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