My Old Friend: The Audiolab 8000A (first series) Integrated Amplifier

My Old Friend: The Audiolab 8000A (first series) Integrated Amplifier

The Audiolab 8000A integrated amplifier is an old friend. I have listened to this amplifier for the better part of fifteen years. To me, it feels like coming home.

It is a full functioning, integrated amplifier (including a MC and MM phono stage). Well-built chassis-terrible sheet metal. The front panel is well built and simplicity itself. All controls are well laid out, have a reasonable feel to them and are easy to discern. Finished in a dark grey, it is handsome in the utilitarian sense of the word. No, Tag McLaren made the electronics high style, but the basic Audiolab is not ugly. Typically British with cheesy, sheet metal. Knock on the top or sides and it rattles like a 30-year-old Datsun 510 (I owned one of these great cars too. I got rid of it because, at that time, I was a young idiot—I simply didn’t appreciate what I had). No engineering degree or the ability to contort one’s body is required to operate it. read more…


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