Stetheadphone is an interesting way of listening to music

February 7, in Headphones

When it comes to earphones, you can go with all kinds of designs, and this concept design is one of the most unusual ones.

Yes, what you see here is true, someone has actually designed some earphones that look like the same instrument that listens to your heart. If it is good enough for the heart, it’s good enough for your ears.

It is designed by some Istanbul-based design shop known as Antrepo, and it just needs a good manufacturer to make the Stethheadphone a reality.

I wonder if it is right to wear these in a hospital. Can you imagine if someone asked you to check vital signs and you pulled out an MP3 player? Only Hawkeye Pierce from MASH would do something like that. Too bad they didn’t have MP3 players in the Korean War.


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