Startile Starfield panels

January 20, in Accessories


Startile Starfield panels

Startile Starfield panels are acoustic grade fiber optic ceiling panels that enhance your home theater sound experience while providing an amazing display that replicates sitting outside on a dark, starry night. StarTiles™are made to order for wall and ceiling use with twinkling LEDs and fiber-optic starfields and the control chip pre-installed inside the tiles for incredibly easy installation. Sized to drop into a standard ceiling grid, the LED lights in Startiles use very little energy and generate almost no heat.

Plug them into any standard electrical outlet for over 100,000 hours of low-maintenance twinkle. Startile panels can also be customized to cover corners and oddly shaped spaces, or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can cover the entire room with them and boldly go where (almost) no man has gone before. One 2×4 Startile panel sells for right around $480. Other sizes and shapes are priced accordingly.

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