Sonys Google TV Gets Pictured With QWERTY Keyboard, Is An Absolute Mammoth

October 7, in Portable

Google TV is shaping up to be quite the competitor in the set-top box world. However, seeing how it’s just a platform it will be up to the participating hardware manufactures to actually get the word out there. Sony is one such company that has partnered with Google and will be offering Google TV powered televisions alongside set-top boxes. What they will also be making, however, is what you see above.

This Google TV remote controller features things such as volume, channel and play/pause among other things. However, what it features that another controller normally wouldn’t is a full QWERTY keypad. Considering Google TV will allow consumers to do things such as surf the web, text entry is going to be crucial and this controller looks like it will be the perfect alternative to a traditional keyboard.

via engadget

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