Sony to Display 360-Degree Auto-Stereoscopic Display At SIGGRAPH 2010

July 20, in 3d

3D display technology has been receiving all the buzz lately due to the futuristic experience it offers. However, companies are looking to take the technology a step further with auto-steroscopic 3D displays. These displays require no 3D glasses to produce a 3D effect – something many users have complained about when talking normal 3D displays. If you’re a bit skeptic about this technology wondering how it could be, just take a look at the Nintendo 3DS  – this device uses an auto-stereoscopic display that allows users to experience a 3D effect with no glasses whatsoever, quite incredible.

Anyways, Sony has announced that they will be taking center stage during this years SIGGRAPH 2010 which takes place as the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 25th – July 29th to show off their own auto-stereoscopic 3D display that produces a 360-degree image with a resolution of 96 x 128 with 24-bits of color.

Check out the above video and prepare yourself.

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