Sony SCD-X501

February 10, in Audio

.Sony’s high class audio player SCD-X501 is expected to allure a number of customers in the market. You can get the product from March 10th 2007 at an expected price of 70,350 Yen (tax removal price: 67,000 Yen). With super Audio D/A converter the users hear natural sound. This D/A device is responsible for conversion of digital signal to analog. .

Technical Specifications:

  • Analog output: Imbalance (gold-plating pin jack); Output level: Imbalance and 2Vrms
  • Chassis structure: FB chassis
  • D/A converter: Super audio D/A converter
  • Digital output (only at the time of CD playback): Light/same axis; Output level: Light /-18dBm, same axis /0.5Vp-p
  • Pickup: Twin laser
  • Power source: AC100V and 50/60Hz
  • Electric power consumption: 13W
  • External size: W280?H111?D267mm
  • Mass: Approximately 3.9kg


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