Sony Offers A 3DTV Bundle Including Movies, PS3 And Theater-In-A-Box For Low Price

July 6, in 3d

At this point, Sony seems to be somewhat desperate to get consumers buying their 3DTV sets. So, they decided to sweeten the deal with their Bravia sets by offering a whole bundle of goodies with each purchase. Of course, that means getting free stuff just for buying a Sony 3DTV set. If you’re really excited about free stuff, you might find yourself running over to the nearest retailer to score some complementary swag with a Sony TV purchase after reading this article.

Anyway, you can expect the goodies in this free bundle offer to consist of two pairs of 3D glasses, the TMR-BR100 transmitter, a new 3D Blu-ray copy of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and “IMAX Deep Sea 3D”, four 3D PS3 games and a Blu-ray home theater in-a-box called the BDV-E570. Now that seems like a pretty tempting offer, doesn’t?

Furthermore, you can have this fabulous bundle for a $340 decrease in price. In addition to this, you’ll be paying $2,429 for the 46 inch set and $3,059 for the 54.6 inch model. So, doesn’t this offer still sound like getting free stuff to you, dear readers? You’ll be paying for a hefty price either way if you choose to go for a Sony 3DTV set. With that said, you can be sure that electronics companies (including the one mentioned here) never forget that their greatest priority is making a good profit.


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